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About us

SpeedyCloud is the IaaS brand owned by Beijing SpeedyCloud Technology Co., Ltd., who is one of the leaders in cloud industry. Most of the team came from public IT operating and service companies like ChinaCache, 21ViaNet, etc. We are helping our customers with the most cutting-edge cloud computing technologies to expand their online businesses.
    Now we have a comprehensive and open cloud operatingsolution based on IaaS, including data center management, facility-leasing, cloud server, storage and App Store. We devote ourselves to innovation and platform building of Internet and enterprise IT operating technologies and services. Our core product – cloud platform for game – has been widely accepted by many influential game operators.
    Being the mature cloud computing solution, SpeedyCloud platform has been enabling and leading the intelligentizing of Chinese Internet infrastructure. The ecosystem we’re building with our partners is becoming the de facto standard of Chinese cloud infrastructure.
    In addition, SpeedyCloud releases cloud APIs for developers and operating stuff. Using it, developers can endow themselves with abilities to build distributed cloud applications and systems, which are highly scalable and operated automatically.
    If you are developers, teams, start-ups and entrepreneurs that are focusing on IaaS or PaaS, please feel free to apply free accounts and resources. Your application has an opportunity to be put into our open.speedycloud.cn App Store, if it meets our API standard. And you can count on us to promote it online to more customers. It’s our mutual responsibilities to build this cloud ecosystem.
    We also provide plentiful operating tools and services for SaaS application providers, E-business companies and mobile Internet teams, to do our best to ease the pain of daily operating and resource scaling. Learning from more than 10 years operating experiences, we want to help you to focus on your business areas instead of spending precious time, energies and resources on irrelevant trivial problems.
    SpeedyCloud,Speed up Your Success!
    Our Mission: Simplify the Internet.

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