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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

SpeedyCloud Has Established a Strategic Cooperation Partnership with Goodrain

Recently, the industry-leading cloud services platform SpeedyCloud and Docker’s landing services provider Goodrain officially announced a strategic co-operation. They will work together for providing customers with a more efficient and stable platform of business development, deployment and IT services. Each sides will exert advantages in their respective fields to strive for a win-win situation with enterprise user and developer.
 “Goodrain platform applies SpeedyCloud’s superior underlying resources and encapsulates these resources for high-flexibility and high-availability cluster. We need to further extend our capacities of offering better services and fast delivery of applications for enterprises not only helps increasing the efficiency of application delivery but also helps reducing their cost for application delivery to a large extent. 
   It is known that Speedycloud’s products has covered three main areas of infrastructure-compute, networking and storage including virtual servers, cloud storage, content delivery, SDN, load balancing, global intelligent scheduling ,databse and cloud video etc. Up to now SpeedyCloud has established 9 cloud service nodes in China and beyond 120 CDN nodes which covered more than 90% cities and regions of the country and 10 big overseas cloud services nodes established in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Moscow, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.
   Applications or services running on virtual servers have high availability .Code running environment automated built supports PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Golang’s source code deployment and with the help of dockerfile it also supports development language such as C, C++ . It has database services monitoring capability and supports automated HTTP. Meanwhile the usage state of resource pool and running state of each component can be monitored by operating platform and API can be called from IaaS flexibly to achieve resource scalability.
 The founder and CEO of Goodrain Fan Liu indicates: “In cloud computing field we have two good friends one is Docker technology by whose appearance many thorny problems solved. The phenomenon of software migrating to the cloud field or the application-centered delivery system all need a standardized and general-type component .Docker is exactly the key to open cloud computing gate. The other one is mature and reliable cloud services provider. IT industry in the further will draw close to the application-platform-resource mode. We provided an application-centric links platform based on Docker container technology which means we need seek cooperation with excellent cloud provider. SpeedyCloud exactly satisfied our demand .SpeedyCloud is our most loyal fellow through this tough startup road.
About SpeedyCloud

SpeedyCloud(http://www.speedycloud.cn/) is a brand under industry-leading cloud compute services provider- Beijing Speedy Cloud Technologies Co.,Ltd who has attracted customers from media,game,e-commerce,social,advertising,government,manufacture,education and scientific industries including over 5,000 enterprise users such as DangDang.com,Momo,SECOO,Kaixin001.com, Mobvista,Moji weather,yiche.com,JUMEI.com,VOLVO cars company, Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd and TAL Education Group etc. 
About Goodrain

Goodrain platform is established for solving complex servers-management problems .It provides entrepreneurs, developers, enterprises with a cloud platform which supports rapid development, deployment, operation and expansion of any application. We will create the next generation cloud compute platform through minimalist user experience meanwhile with flexible technology schema and substantial firm characteristic .We believe someday using cloud compute  will be as simple as using water and electricity.

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