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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Check out this report on Cloud Management, Cloud Deployment, and Cloud Security.

Cloud Digest Vol.1, Issue.7

The Importance of Cloud Management Platforms for Multi-Cloud Deployments

As the use of cloud-based platforms in the technology industry continues to evolve into more complex multicloud arrangements, CMP's are gaining importance.

How to Successfully Adopt an Enterprise Data Warehouse in the Cloud 

As organizations look to scale their analytical capabilities and enable more staff to analyze data in real time, the need to grow beyond a traditional enterprise data warehouse (EDW)becomes a critical inflection point.

3 Hard Questions Every CIO Needs to Ask

Applications enable business processes, and CIO’s must introduce new technologies that either reduce delivery costs or enable innovations that drive revenue.
If your portfolio has more than 200 applications, you are definitely considering the cloud for a number of compelling reasons. However, the two most important reasons for building a cloud strategy should be to increase revenue and lower costs. If your business case for moving to a cloud platform does not meet either of these goals, you will need to refine your approach to cloud.


It has been a tumultuous year in data privacy, to say the least – we’ve had a huge increase in data breaches, including some of the largest in history; an uncertain future when it comes to cyber security policies; new European regulations that have major implications for U.S. companies; and yet, business carries on. Despite all the challenges and risks, businesses will continue to move forward on digital transformation, cloud adoption, and mobile adoption, all with an eye on cyber security.

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