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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cloud Digest Vol. 1 Issue 4: Moving to Cloud Saves MorningStar 97% Cost Reduction.

Why Morningstar Moved To The Cloud: 97% Cost Reduction

The cost savings of moving to the cloud are nice, but what they were more interested in is "creating a frictionless development experience to spur innovation and creativity."

RethinkDB: why we failed

RethinkDB used to be regarded as one of the best open source Database. Their failure is one of the most disappointed things happened these years. The founder summarized 2 things went wrong in hindsight.

Can The Cloud Save Retail?

The walls appear to be crumbling for traditional retailers. How does Cloud can help them deal with the challenges?

How to Help Non-Technical Teammates Understand Your Tech-Heavy Product

“Think of yourself as a storyteller and your team will better understand your product’s technical functionality .”

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