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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cloud Digest Vol.1, Issue.5 - How to improve IoT Security

Cloud Digest Vol.1, Issue.5 

How to improve IoT security

The trend to create IoTdevices and equipment is creating daunting security challenges. Researchers say the only way to address the issue is to create a security culture.

The tsunami-sized trend to add intelligence to sensors and actuators and to connect devices, equipment, and appliances to the internet poses safety, security and privacy risks.

Huge gender pay gap in cloud computing revealed 

In some cases, women will be earning less than half of what a man could earn.

Finding the perfect job isn’t easy, and even if you do find it there's no guarantee that the salary will live up to expectations.
Fortunately, for experts working in the cloud industry, that isn't too big of a problem as the average salaries for key cloud IT roles are all around $100,000 and above.
The highest paying salaries, on average, are Enterprise Architect($138,051), Senior Solutions Architect ($132,092), and Solutions architect($122,593).
That’s according to PayScale’s report on the highest paying cloud computing jobs in 2017.

Designing a Microservices Architecture for Failure

A Microservices architecture makes it possible to isolate failures through well-defined service boundaries. But like in every distributed system, there is a higher chance for network, hardware or application level issues. As a consequence of service dependencies, any component can be temporarily unavailable for their consumers.
This article introduces the most common techniques and architecture patterns to build and operate a highly available micro services system.

Get your head out of the clouds! How to take control in a multi-cloud environment 

ScienceLogic’s Erik Rudin on why businesses must take control of their infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment.
We’re in a period of huge disruption in technology. Just when businesses thought they had a handle on their IT estate, the cloud and shift to digital has come along and changed everything. Previously, businesses needed to invest huge sums in enterprise-ready infrastructure, but now it is available to everybody for pennies per hour. This has led to cloud-first companies coming from nowhere and disrupting long-established non-digital businesses.

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