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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cloud Digest Vol. 1 Issue 3: The Chaos, The Future of Deep Learning, And The AI Playbook

How to Live with Chaos and Take Advantage of It?

In the Age of Information Explosion supported by Cloud Computing, we can not avoid chaos but to live with it. That's what Netflix has been doing the whole time. In fact, they even take advantage of it by building chaos tools. ChAP, Chaos Automation Platform, is newest member of our chaos tooling family. Together with Chaos Monkey and Chaos Kong, they are the efforts called Chaos Engineering. Let's not forget that the beauty of cloud is actually generated from its chaos.

What's the Future of Deep Learning?

Francois Chollet, the author of Deep Learning with Python, shares some of his thought on the medium term direction of Deep Learning. In this article he predicts that we are getting to reasoning and abstraction, the fundamental weakness of current models.

Don't Wanna Be Looked Like A Idiot When Others Talking About AI? Check Out This AI Playbook!

It's written by Andreessen Horowitz and for general audience. You can find a little history, some basic terms and related technologies in simple languages. There are even some code teaches you how to train a model! 

How to Keep Your Technical Skills When Growing from Engineer to Manager?

Many developers, should I say: most developers, sadly, lose their coding abilities after promoted to manager. The author of this article does not want to be like that. Find out his advices here

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